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If you or a family member has been threatened with deportation, The Law Office of Yifei He, PLLC can prepare a strong defense to help keep you in the US. We represent people in New York City and throughout the entire state of New York who have been targeted for removal from the US for various reasons. As an immigration law firm committed to protecting our clients’ legal rights in all types of removal proceedings, we will work to challenge the reasons that government officials have cited for your deportation.

You don’t have to face the threat of deportation alone. We are here to help. Call The Law Office of Yifei He, PLLC at (917) 451-5173 or reach us via our online contact form to get started today.

Common Reasons for Deportation & How to Fight Them

The US government may deport noncitizens, including green card holders, back to their country of origin for any number of reasons.

Some of the most common reasons that government authorities might try to remove you from the country include:

  • Criminal conviction
  • Alleged visa violation
  • Need for public aid
  • Violation of immigration laws, such as making misstatements on official immigration documents

If you have been served with a Notice to Appear, there is no time to waste. Our NYC deportation defense lawyer can evaluate the government’s case against you and begin to prepare a response on your behalf.

Common methods of defense include but are not limited to:

  • Charging errors
  • Political asylum or refugee status
  • Threat to safety if returned to home country
  • Domestic or family abuse
  • Green card eligibility based on length of time in the United States and potential hardship upon return

Deportable Crimes

If you are currently facing criminal charges and you have not yet secured legal citizenship in the US, you could be facing the threat of deportation if convicted. The sooner you align yourself with our attorney, the better able we’ll be to build a strong defense against your charges. Our goal in these types of cases is to not only combat the criminal accusations that have been made against you, but to eliminate the possibility of your removal from the US.

Common deportable crimes include but are not limited to:

  • Aggravated felonies (drug crimes, theft crimes, etc.)
  • Crimes of Moral Turpitude (CIMT)
  • Drug offenses
  • Firearms offenses
  • Multiple criminal convictions
  • Prostitution or patronizing a prostitute

If US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) starts the removal process against you, The Law Office of Yifei He, PLLC can advise you on your options for defense. The immigration system is large, impersonal, and one in which mistakes often occur. It is very likely that officials do not understand your individual circumstances and even more unlikely that they will take the time to understand them — that’s why you need professional legal defense on your side and acting on behalf of your best interests. If not, who will?

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At The Law Office of Yifei He, PLLC, our New York City deportation defense attorney has the knowledge and experience needed to ensure you get a full, fair review of your situation before an immigration court. We want you to have the best chance possible at continuing your life in the US and we will do everything in our power to protect your right to remain in the country when facing the possibility of deportation.

If you are in jeopardy of being deported, The Law Office of Yifei He, PLLC can represent you in removal proceedings. We urge you to contact us immediately – time of the essence. Call (917) 451-5173 or contact us online to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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