Additional DACA Updates

Hello, everyone. Yifei He Immigration Lawyer, at your service. Today we'll be talking about DACA: deferred action for childhood arrivals. And what is DACA? There are people here who who have been brought here by their parents as little as one or two years old, through no will of their own. They've been carried through the Rio Grande Valley, for example, as their parents are trying to search for better opportunities to come to the United States, to get rid of a life of poverty. And they brought their Children with them. And these Children, they've been here without any papers, without any status. And right now, under Obama, they were accorded the DACA Deferred Action program, which allows them work authorization and it also prevents them from getting deported. These people are a special category of immigrants because not only were they not illegal immigrants when they were brought here, they had no choice, when they came here. So accordingly, they were supposed to get papers and eventually a pathway to citizenship, a green card. But then, under Trump and under the Republicans, they've been trying to take away these rights of all these DACA recipients. They've deemed them to be, illegal immigrants, that these people don't deserve to be here, that they should be thrown back into wherever they came from. Notwithstanding the fact that they've never even been back.

Most of them do not even speak the language of where they came from. So, during Trump's administration, they tried to do away with DACA. They rescinded Obama's policy of granting deferred action to these people. But then the Supreme Court ruled against them. The
Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that Trump could not do what he was planning to do. But then Trump after the Supreme Court decision came out, Chad Wolf, who is the director of the Department of Homeland Security, the agency in charge of immigration in the United States, issued a memo which rescinded DACA and prevented DACA from accepting new applications. Prevented DACAs from renewing their work permits, and then limited the people who already had DACA from two years to one year, lowered the terms of their employment authorization. But then, just this week, the District Court of New York ruled against that memo, saying that DACA once more, is okay. That new applications for DACA will be accepted, that the work authorization will be increased in two years instead of just one year and that these DACA recipients will be eligible for work authorization.

So, what I just explained is just a very confusing and very complicated history for these people who themselves had a really confusing, complicated, history being brought here as little as one or two years old, to a country they've never even been before. And as an immigration lawyer, I'm on on top of all these developments, all these, flux in the law. And I expect in the near future under Biden that these people will get a pathway to citizenship, a green card, and eventually permanent status in the United States. These people, who number over half a million legal resident to the United States will finally have a chance to legalize their status. So my name is Yifei He. I'm an Immigration Lawyer. I'm very passionate about the DACA people, and I'm here to represent you or anyone you know with any immigration problems. Thank you.